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Christmas: A festival of joy

Once again the curtain rises for the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world and the founder of Christianity. The One who came into this world 2014 years ago is the reason for jubilation even today. This is simply because in Him we get the feeling that God is with us. It was for Him that humankind anxiously, almost impatiently waited for centuries. One of the greatest excitements during the Christmas season is the preparation of the crib. History tells us that it was St. Francis of Assisi who pioneered the making of cribs. In a crib we have Baby Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, angels, the three wise men (Magi), shepherds and domestic animals. There is a calm and serene atmosphere. This Christmas, let us like angels spread the good news among all those who do not know about Jesus.

Christmas is the story of a little babe born to poor parents, Mary and Joseph in a little town in Bethlehem some 2014 years ago. The festival is not only a gift-giving time but also a time to be recipient of God’s love and care. It is an attitude – an event of the heart, not a season of the year. Christmas is an event that should touch a little of our life for an entire year. It is an occasion for joy to ring throughout the chambers of the heart. Christmas to Christians is a time for reflection and an occasion to share one’s joys and sorrows. It is the time to reach out and touch the life of another person with love and warmth. It is the time to share love and friendship, care and concern.

Christmas reminds us of so many things like the crib, Santa Claus and the singing of carols. Among the various celebrations connected with Christmas, the sending of cards to friends and relatives has become a ritual. Another feature of this festival is the installing of Christmas trees. Little fir trees or replicas of them are decorated and gifts are placed on them. The tradition of Santa Claus originated in Belgium where San Nicholas became the patron saint of children. Today, Santa Claus is known by various names in different parts of the world like Joulupukki. Sinster Klass, Grandfather Frost, Papa Noel. Julemanden, San Niklaw and Shendan Laoren.

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