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Christmas for Christ

Christmas is a time for reflection and a time to share one’s joys and sorrows. It is the time to reach out and touch the life of another person with love and warmth. It is the time to share love and friendship, care and concern.

Christmas, which means ‘Feast day of Christ’, is a Christian holiday that honours the birth of Jesus Christ whom Christians believe is the Son of God.

The season of preparing for Christmas is called ‘Advent’ and begins on a Sunday four weeks before Christmas. The Christmas season ends on January 6.
As Christians celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the story of how this happened is told in parts of the Holy Bible known as the gospels. There are four gospels telling the life of Jesus. The gospel of St. Luke tells us the most about his birth, and the gospel of St. Matthew tells another part of the story. The gospel of St. John tells us that Jesus Christ came from God to bring His Word or message to all people.

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