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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Cigarette smoking is injurious to health

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Cigarette smoking is injurious to health as per the statutory warning message. However, so many people taste smoking and spoil their health in the process. In airports, a special enclosure is made to encourage smokers to pursue smoking in a closed place. Even though the prices of cigarettes are increased in every budget, the interest in smokers is not coming down drastically.

One more cause for accepting this cigarette smoking habit is seeing their superstars smoking on the silver screen. The caution is totally ignored and we see the role model superstars smoking cigarettes. After all, we are slowly caught on the death trap for a pleasure lasting few minutes. Again, your monthly earnings are unnecessarily diverted to such a bad vice. Instead, that amount can be invested in Children’s Education or for the Welfare of the Family. There lies your will power to abstain from smoking. Even children follow the footsteps of their parents. It is time to take care of life from the vagaries of bad vices. Life is really precious and we should educate children to take the right route and not to get spoiled from the young age.

Prevention is better than cure is true. As a matter of fact, there is no treatment if caught into the smoking web. Only an early diagnosis can improve survival chances. Use of Tobacco is one of the major reason for Oral Cancer. It is a slow death for a smoker and chain smokers rarely survive from oral cancer.

When you buy a pack of cigarettes you find statutory warning is loud and clear. With more and more people joining the IT Industry they have the means to pay a high cost for the cigarettes. Further, we can see young girls smoking cigarettes by roadside and spoiling their health. They do it for style or to reduce stress. The increase in appointments in call centres saw them sitting late nights and thus cultivating a bad habit. After all, every cigarette smoke spoil your lungs and the respiratory system. It is one way of consuming poison for a slow death. Even the person sitting in front of you will be getting the smoke going inside his nostrils. So the part of the cost can be claimed from the person enjoying a portion of the smoke. We follow Western Style blindly and spoiling our health totally. Women smoking cigarettes face the risk of getting cancer and that may affect foetus also. The uterus will be affected as well as preventing further pregnancies.

The main cause of cultivating this bad habit is stress. However, cigarette smoking is practiced by youngsters and fall prey to the habit afterward. They become chain smokers. There are rehabilitation centres for a cigarette smoker to come out of the deadly habit. Some people take Paan Parag and other items to curtail the bad smell emanating out of Cigarette smoking. So, two bad vices are practiced to retain one habit. Cigarette smoker should fix an auspicious day like New Year Day to forego smoking and lead a healthy life. After all, Health Is Wealth.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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