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City NGOs lend a helping hand to Gandhi’s grandson

They are willing to provide financial assistance including personal care and household support to Kanubhai Ramdas Gandhi.


Kanubhai Ramdas Gandhi (87) the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi who once studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked with NASA is learning a miserable life nowadays. He now lives in Guru Vishram Vridha Asharam in the outskirts of Delhi along with his 85 year old wife Shivalaxmi. At the age of 40, Kanubhai left India along with his wife and went to USA where he lived many years. After spending more than 40 years in the U.S, the couple returned to India in 2014. Before relocating to Delhi they had stayed in various ashrams.

When old age home founder Dr. G.P. Bhagat used to inquire with Kanubhai about the couple’s well being he replied, “We were homeless, you are so kind.”

However, the word “homeless” does not go down well with his wife. She is the one who fiercely protests. “We are not homeless. We are just a little clueless,” she says, “We don’t have a bowl in our hands. We don’t want money, we just want prayers. I am quite capable of getting us out if we were in the U.S., but here we do not know to navigate,” she adds.

Thus the hardships faced by Kanubhai look no different from the difficulties faced by senior citizens during old age. Many of them have to rely on old age homes as their children don’t look after them. However, all is not lost for Kanubhai as three NGOs based in Mumbai have come forward to lend a helping hand to them. They are willing to provide financial assistance including personal care and household support.

Rajendra DhamneWhen AV spoke to Dr. Rajendra Dhamne , Trustee of Mauli Seva Pratishan he said, “Since they are grandchildren of Mahatma Gandhi hence reports about them is widely published in media. On the other hand, there are many ailing and helpless citizens looking for shelter but there is no news or concern about it in the society. Through this report at least people will be aware about the suffering of the elite family old citizens. If they want to contact us we would welcome them with large heart.”

Whereas a trustee from NGO Satsang Parivar said, “We will not help them because they are the grand children of Gandhiji but we will consider them as an old age couple looking for support. Many of them feel isolated as they are being neglected by their children and relatives. We can host social events for them and also introduce them to like-minded people which will bring happiness in their lives.”

Zenobia Kodaiji-AVZenobia Kodaiji a social worker said, “I will voluntarily help them if they want to come in the city. Even though I don’t run an old-age home but I will take initiative to make some difference in their lives.”

A trustee of Aadhar Charitable Trust said, “We are ready to take their entire responsibility. We can also engage them in various activities like participating in group discussions, asking them to read daily newspapers, participate in yoga and performing exercises.”

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