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Clean office campaign

Modi has kickstarted the cleanliness campaign and now it has been set in motion. Maintaining hygiene is an ongoing process and it will take time. Let us, then, give it some time and start a new campaign of cleaning the government offices and files stored in them. The PM can start visiting one office after the other first in Delhi and followed by other places. Modi should also go to Kolkata and pay attention towards Bara Bazar, roads and lanes around Park Street, roads and lanes in Howrah. He should nominate some persons for undertaking cleanliness drives.

Modi has nominated Akhilesh Yadav Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Will he nominate West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as well? This is called, trying to be over smart. The roads are swept and garbage is collected in an efficient manner in Lucknow ever since it was the constituency of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Many areas like the “ chowk” needs to improve. People under estimate the village women. Even before the launch of cleanliness drive, they have been laying the cow dung on “kutcha” house walls and floors after using the broom.

Modi must now start visiting the offices and should not only meet secretaries but clerks and peons too. People do not come in the direct contact with the secretaries. The PM must start interacting with them and even ask them to undergo short term courses for improving efficiency. Similarly, he should monitor the performance of PA’s of the ministers as they serve as a link between public and the minister. He is not doing it because it doesn’t provide any opportunity for clicking photographs and he will become aware about the real problems. Modi must take initiative to clean politics. These are the real jobs where actual work is involved sans any photo opportunity.

Modi must meet the railway workers and pick up some nuts and bolts and show solidarity with them, which will encourage them to improve their performance on a regular basis. Manohar Parrikar must strengthen the Defence forces. The NDA government must go ahead with the privatization of the loss making PSU Air India and hand over it back to the TATAs. How long can the government bail out the ailing airline by wasting the tax payers hard earned money?

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