Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Common approach-call by Congress

The Congress Parliamentary party Chairperson Sonia Gandhi urged opposition parties to join hands and build a consensus at the national level and set aside their differences in states to put up an united front in and outside the Parliament. Chairing a meeting of 17 opposition parties, she reiterated the need for unity among the opposition and the need to have a common approach and strategy on various issues of national importance. Such unity measures were taken in the past in Bihar and failed miserably. Bringing in coalition politics is not a successful measure as we come across so many scams in the last UPA rule. Even though Rajasthan by-election results favoured Congress while in Bengal BJP is trying hard to push through TMC and Congress is relegated to the fourth spot. BJP is trying to expand its wings in Southern states also, whereas Congress is banking on group of parties for its survival.  The call by Congress is a desperate move to instigate voters but voters are very clever in vote bank politics.

Nickil Akhilesh

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