Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Compensate honest bank employees

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did acknowledge the strenuous work put in by honest bank employees post demonetization where few even lost their lives due to the resultant stress in his landmark address to the nation. However, he should have announced compensation like an extra bonus salary for bankers’ efforts which would have been a fitting compensation for their efforts. Rs.6000 for pregnant women is perfect example of ‘Cash on delivery’ which one thought was a gimmick or vote bank politics as such moves would only encourage population explosions when family planning should be the order of the day to curb our teeming numbers.

Demonetization was a historic and bold move but has hit our economy hard in the present and immediate future. The benefits could be long-term but all out efforts must be made by government to normalize banking operations which is the lifeline of our economy. The intentions of the PM to eradicate corruption cannot be questioned and every citizen should cooperate in this movement to make it a success. Bureaucrats and politicians accept bribe when people are willing to make under the table payments to get their work done to evade laws and rules. If citizens themselves follow restraint from such malpractices, corruption can be completely eradicated in future.

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