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Contactless Dining and Digital Payment demand one the menu

Contactless, Dining, Restaurant, Dining Out, Contactless Dining, Dineout, Mobile Payment, UPI, Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Credit cardThe latest report published by dining out and restaurant tech platform Dineout suggests that now one has to be more aware about new tech such as Contactless Dining and there is an even greater willingness towards digital payments. The Dineout report suggests that 81% of their customers would prefer to scan a QR code on their phone and place an order on an app or web platform instead of handling physical menus or the traditional order placement methods in restaurants. Digital menus are the way forward.

Also, more than 60% of the respondents said they would prefer to pay using digital payment methods, including mobile wallets, instead of handling cash or paying via cards at the restaurant. At the same time, more than 96% of respondents also want better waitlist management, in case you are in a queue to get a table. There should be options to preselect seating as well as the availability of sanitizers at tables.

Ankit Mehrotra, Co-Founder and CEO, Dineout, “It’s long time people have not stepped out and as the lock down called off they would definitely run towards eateries, the demand of digital orders and payments will return rapidly as millions of Indians are craving their favorite dishes, it’s also crucial to make the necessary changes to restore consumer confidence and trust by rapidly evolving the restaurant’s approach to using technology as means to implement Contactless Dining”.

Then there is the small matter of getting to and from a restaurant. Dineout report suggests 85% users would also prefer digital valet services over having to park their cars in public parking spaces, with cleanliness and contamination being primary concerns. Platforms such as Dineout are focusing on hygiene ratings for restaurants, which include ratings in aspects such as hygiene checks, use of gloves by waiters, sanitization of restaurant furniture and the use of UV sanitized utensils. Users can now see certified restaurants and their audit rating on the Dineout app, available for Android phones and the Apple iPhone, as well.

The CEO of Chulha Village, Abhijit Gaikwad said, “Going digital for placing order to selecting payment mode is all fine, but serving food to attending guests would become difficult task, as guests have to pick their orders themselves, they have to pick their plates and any discomfort they would be needing person around, so opting for such options is not bad idea but avoiding persons around is just not possible.”

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