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Cops humiliate Kerala gangrape victim, asks her ‘which one gave you the greatest pleasure?’


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A gang-rape survivor withdrew her complaint as Kerala police humiliated her inside the police station. The woman, who was allegedly gang-raped by her husband’s friends in Kerala, said cops made fun of her instead of acting against the culprits and asked her ‘whom did you enjoy most?’. The victim also said CPM leader and Vadakkanchery municipal councillor Jayanthan was among those who allegedly gang-raped her.

Dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi along with gang-rape survivor and her husband held a press conference in which the victim alleged that Kerala cops harassed her, asked uncomfortable questions and forced him to change her statement before the magistrate. Bhagyalakshmi, in a Facebook post which was kept in the ‘friends only’ setting, said that a police officer asked the gang-rape survivor, ‘whom did you enjoy most?’

Narrating the incident, Bhagyalakshmi said a young woman along with her husband met her and told about the trauma she was undergoing ever since the incident. The woman said that four of her husband’s friends had come to her saying that her husband had met an accident. Believing the men as they were friends of her husband, the woman went with them to the hospital. However they took her to a house in a remote corner outside the city and gang-raped. They also threatened her claiming that the whole incident had been videographed.

Bhagyalakshmi further said when the husband came to know about the incident after three months, the couple went to file a complaint. The officers allegedly asked intimate questions to the victim in front of her rapists. “This humiliation was more than that happened when I was raped,” Bhagyalakshmi said in the Facebook post.

”Answering the questions of the police was a mental rape for me. May be they tortured me mentally because they knew that I had no evidence. It was good that Nirbhaya, Jisha and Soumya died or else they would have tortured them like the Suryanelli girl was with inappropriate questions for the last 16 years,” Bhagyalakshmi quotes the woman on her FB post.

The office of Kerala chief minister responded to the post and sought more details from Bhagyalakshmi about the shameful incident. Bhagyalakshmi is a national award-winning dubbing artist is known for her stances on issues related to women.

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