Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Corrupt politicians have destroyed nation’s economy

Lalu is a master of fraud and buster. In India, the land of the most corrupt, nothing will happen to these folks. History shows the most corrupt politicians in India who have destroyed the nation’s economy and has provided a new direction to the government. The fodder scam case against Lalu has been going on for more than a decade and nothing has happened to him. The limelight and power obsession in the veins of Lalu is quite famous and everybody knows about it. Corrupt politicians should stand exposed before the public. Corruption can be fought only by strong man like Modi. Lalu is accused of carrying out corruption and irregularities in payments for animal fodder and is already a convict in one case and is facing trials in five other similar case. The saying “Better late than never” is very true in case of corrupt Lalu. When we see failure of Indian democracy that corrupt politicians who are free and enjoy the fruits of corruption, and the common man has to struggle to make ends meet, don’t we think Modi is next to good for the people of India to destroy all demons in India to free our nation from corruption?

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