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David Beckham sure Brooklyn will go wrong with his tattoos

Former professional footballer David Beckham said his eldest son Brooklyn will commit some mistakes when it comes to his body art.

The 42-year-old sportsperson said he is glad he has never gone wrong with tattoos and only hopes his 18-year-old son will deal with the hiccoughs as and when they happen.

“Thankfully I don’t feel I’ve made any with my tattoos. My son’s started and I’m sure he’ll make mistakes. But it’s part and parcel of life and being creative. That’s something you can’t stop someone doing, it holds them back,” Beckham told Daily Mirror.

He added he never got inked to impress anyone but likes reinventing his looks for himself.

“I’ve never changed my look or style for attention. I do it because I want to grow my hair, or cut it off, or I want to shave or I don’t – or I want a new tattoo. I never try to be someone else or do something different for any other reason than I enjoy it,” Beckham said.

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