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Dear Pradhan Mantri, People want to ask you…

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Afternoon Voice and its Editor-in-Chief Vaidehi Taman, came up with a question, ‘If given a chance, what would be your one question to PM Modi and Why?’ on various social media platforms after an uproar over Modi’s tight-lipped approach towards Media. Soon the posts were flooded with the queries of many avid readers of AV and prominent personalities from different walks of life. On one hand, some hit out on PM Modi’s vision of a new India, while on the other, some tried to inquire about the expenses of the statues made as the memorial of the freedom fighters and eminent leaders of the Indian political history. Actresses Preeti Jain expressed, “I want to see India emerge as a superpower and I would like to know from Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as to what steps can he take to make this vision come true?”

“Modiji, I being a resident of Mumbai, appreciate your idea of upgrading infrastructure for the entire country. But when it comes to Mumbai, which is also the financial capital of the country and the prime entry point for various trade and services, the infrastructure status is below average when it comes to roads, public transport etc. Why is this so?” Aman Kediya listed out his concern over Mumbai’s infrastructure.

AV’s contributor Satyanarayan Kabra examined the need for the statues, “Do we need statues to remember our freedom fighters. We need to follow their footsteps and teachings than remembering that because they are honoured with ‘world’s tallest statue’.” While Rupal Mistry, an avid reader of the daily showed interest in investigating ahead — Rs 2,989 cr + Rs 2,800 cr = Rs 5,789 cr (Sardar Patel + Shivaji statue). “In these mega-statue creations expense, how much is borne from BJP party funds and how much from the National/State funds?” she asked. Twitter user Sameer Choudhury with his pun asked, “Why he did NOT invite his mother for the inauguration of #StatueOfUnity.”

Taking a flash from the past, during the electoral campaign in 2014 where Modi had made several promises to make our country a better place than the last 70 years. But after the four years of the BJP government, the nation observing an anti-Modi wave raises a curiosity not just amongst the haters or the oppositions but also the Modi supporters and voters.

When AV asked RTI activist Anil Galgali’s wish to ask PM Modi, he sought, “When will you give details of the work done by you in the four years? When will the assurance was given by you to people and the data pertaining to that be online for all?”

The Netizens buzzed on the promises that aren’t fulfilled. Anurag S Nagar grilled asking, “Mera 15 Lakh Kab Aayega?? (When will I get my 15 lakhs?) Waiting n waiting.” Albeit, Yogesh Vyas urged on Kashmir issue, quizzing, “Why was Kashmir issue not resolved even after four years in power??” Another hot topic of 2018 was raised by Ajay Kumar Rawani i.e. Dollar Vs Rupees! He asked, “why exchange price is increasing so rapidly? Before 2014 you were the one who wanted to see exchange prices low!”

Advocate and Political activist Manisha Rote asked, “When will there be a mention about the announcements made by you and its results on paper?”

A few Netizens roasted with their interrogation. Twitter user Kuldip Suri mocked on the current Rafale scam issue saying, “I would have asked average Kitna Deti Hai? #Rafale. (How much average does it give?)” While Sanjiv Gondalia asked, “Acche Din Kab Aayenge? (When will good days come?)” and Vijay Gore and Shaikh Shahrukh Raja grilled on his fake promises by asking, “Why do you lie and make fake promises?”

Modi’s aversion towards the fourth estate is quite well-known now. However, it is also believed that journalists and media are being the most suppressed in today’s era under Modi’s reign than any other ruling government so far. Once he even walked out of a one-to-one chat show when asked about the riots. Hence, targeting on that, AAP Leader Preeti Sharma Menon hunted for the number of deaths PM Modi was/is responsible for. She asked, “Sir, can you honestly tell us, how many people did you get killed in 2002 and then how many more till date?”

Two major issues that have picked up one’s brain this year are Simultaneous Elections and the Surgical Strike at Pakistan. Pumping up the Simultaneous Election issue, Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka raised a doubt on conducting One Nation One Election asserting, “I want to ask this question because the concept of simultaneous elections prevailed earlier too. It’s nothing new. In fact, if elections take place simultaneously, the nation stands to gain. Almost after every three months, there’s one election or the other, which has become a burden not just on financial resources but also on all those who are Voters and also the Election Commission who conduct the polls.”

However, Jimit Gandhi on Twitter asked, “When is the final plan to counter Pakistan issues.. one shot closure.”

Another matter in hand that has grabbed a lot of eyeballs is Reservation. An aspiring MBA student Darshan Mehta instituted his anxiousness, “Why is there reservation in the education sector for the SC/ST students to get admission despite they having only financial problems?” He also exclaimed his distress over the poor law and order by asking, “Why are the law and order so weak towards the wealthy people who even after looting so much money from the bank has made the financial system so weak and banking sector miserable?”

Actress Dolly Bindra also challenged the law and order. She asked, “Your government is doing good work despite that why is Rahul Gandhi angry? Why is the amendment of law not done? People are afraid of the law but it is not implemented effectively. The instructions are given from the top but why it is not implemented at the ground level?”

Apart from the questions that have been asked by the voters. The Netizens urged that it is also a high time that the Prime Minister needs to answer these questions that immensely impact the nation’s development, as if the government is keen in eradicating black money, why political parties haven’t been brought under the RTI Act, and why the Swiss black money account holders’ names have not yet listed? Over one crore toilets were built every year between 2008-11 during the UPA government as compared to just 80 lakh toilets built in 2015-16. How does that reflect on the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan of the Modi government? Talking about solving the issue of unemployment, how many jobs have been created since you came to power? How long do we have to wait for these answers? Isn’t the wait has got a bit longer?

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