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Declutter your living space

Hello again, I hope my columns are bringing a change in your mindset and your life. This week I am going to highlight something for you that will make a huge difference to the energy you feel on a day to day basis. Are you feeling overwhelmed with your life? Is your room, home or office full of things that you no longer use? If the answer to these questions is a yes then decluttering is what you should start today. I cannot stress enough on the beauty of living in an uncluttered space which will finally give you a decluttered mindset. I have been into studying the human mind and the psychology of human behaviour for over two decades. The single most effective thing, I have ever done amongst all other self-improvement tasks is to declutter my home. The difference was absolutely amazing. Now when I counsel my clients, the first thing I advise them is to declutter their rooms and living space.

Quite a few numbers of people have realised the importance of living a simpler life now after Vaastu and Feng Shui became a rage. We are in a kind of hypnosis when it comes to owning, collecting and consuming stuff. We like to hoard things and keep them for future use. So often we keep things in case one day they are useful. I bet right now you can mentally recall the things you have kept in your home for this very reason. We all store things for some day and that day never comes. I used to save newspaper articles for future reading and soon realised that I had a cupboard full off newspapers.

As soon as you start decluttering you begin to see its benefits in the energy you feel and the clarity of thoughts you have. Make sure that you declutter every space and not only physical clutter but also relationships and friendships and time commitments that drain you of your energy. Here is a list of questions that shall help you understand if you need to declutter. Every time you answer yes for any of these questions means you have to work on this area. Trust me this will transform your life forever.

Do you have clothes that no longer fit you?

Have any of the clothes in your wardrobe that has not been worn over a year?

Do you still have shoes that your feet have outgrown?

Do you still have cosmetics that have expired or dried up?

Do you have a lot of paperwork waiting to be filed?

Do you have your old mobile phones that you no longer use lying around?

Do you own gadgets or electronics that need repairs or are completely broken?

Are you holding on to CDs, Dvds or tapes that you haven’t watched for years?

Do you like to stock plastic bags?

Do you stock expired medicines in your medical box?

Do you still have broken cutlery or toys that will never be used?

Are you holding on to stuff that you assume might come handy later?

Do your clothes fall out when you open your wardrobe?

Does your fridge or freezer have food items that have crossed their expiry dates?

If you have answered yes to any of these, then it’s time to start working on decluttering. Why not use this life as a yardstick to start off. Tick it off the list as soon you finish one. Even if you just start with one item you will see a shift in your energies. Life is really simple, all we need to do is declutter in all the areas of our life.

So get excited about your decluttering project and clear you living space and your life of unwanted clutter.

Until next week.

Stay Positive, Stay Abundant

Umesh Pherwani

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