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Dewani sex life in spotlight at Honeymoon murder trial

The sex life of businessman Shrien Dewani was on Tuesday again a focus of his trial for the murder of his bride on their honeymoon in Cape Town.

Mr. Dewani is of Indian origin; so was his wife, Anni.

The prosecution wanted to present as evidence a series of emails between Mr. Dewani and an unnamed man in 2009 in which he is said to have discussed his sexuality, but the defence objected.

Mr. Dewani’s sexuality is a key element of the state’s case that the 34-year-old hired hitmen to execute Anni, 28, in 2010 because he was a gay man who felt trapped into marriage by family pressures.

The judge ruled the emails, which had been retrieved by English cybercrime unit official Mark Roberts from a computer hard drive, were inadmissible as evidence.

Mr. Dewani has admitted being a member of gay websites and having paid male prostitutes for sex, but says he is bisexual and loved Anni.

Mr. Dewani says he and Anni were hijacked while in a taxi by armed men who forced him out of the vehicle at gunpoint before driving off with Anni and later shooting her.

The taxi driver and two other men, who are serving sentences of between 18 years and life for Anni’s murder, have said Mr. Dewani arranged for them to stage a fake hijacking and kill his wife.

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