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Difficult to have love story after marriage

There is neither any innocence nor any puppy love today. Do you remember your parents or grandparents mentioning that they had fallen in love after seeing each other? My grandfather narrated me about his love story even though it was never a love marriage.

He said, “I had cleared my 10th standard examinations which were equivalent to post-graduation during those days. My parents wanted me to get married and they knew your grandmother’s family. They were three sisters one was married while the remaining two were unmarried. Your granny was studying in 5th standard. It seemed like she was ready to get married, her parents were scared that she is has grown up and sitting at home. I was never ready to marry because I always dreamed about marrying gori mem. I wanted to go to England for pursuing my studies and my parents were rich.”
“I could not refuse the proposal as I had no choice. Our parents planned the marriage but both of us had never seen each other. My friends already knew. According to them, she was beautiful who used to accompany her mother to river for washing clothes. Though I had friends but we were unable to share feelings of adulthood. So one fine day, I planned to meet here without informing anyone. I was against the marriage and never wanted her to become my life partner. The next day, I went towards river early in the morning by carrying a diary and pen. I was sitting on the other edge of the river so that nobody could notice me. Later, I saw your grandma who had come along with her mother. When I saw her, I couldn’t believe she was the one, with white complexion and slender body, long plated hair which reached her waist line. I had fallen in love with her and I couldn’t stop myself thinking about her that night.”

My grandmother to narrated about her experience and said, “On the day of marriage when I saw him for the first time I was scared about his looks. He had a dark complexion with his hair soaked in oil and tightly combed and had a short stature. I cried a lot and questioned myself why I am marrying this man, but I couldn’t express my opinion. I had no rights to do that as my mother was just a mother not a friend. I had no right to choose my life partner as it was ultimately my parents’ decision. After marriage, I never liked him nor wanted to see him. With the passage of time, he secured a government job and also received a transfer order.”

“He took me along with him. Actually, I was not supposed to accompany him and was planning to stay at my in-laws home. After relocating with him I realised that he was the only person meant for me and we fell in love. Not only did he take special care of me but also made me feel beautiful on several occasions. I realised that he was the best man I ever had. We loved each other and ended up having four daughters. I still remember that he told me that even today I looked no less than Lata Mangeshkar prior to his death. He also said that I can still find some handsome man for the rest of my life.”

Actually, my grandfather was never a typical grandfather. He was our super hero who taught us about modern life. I thought about sharing this story with readers. I feel sad that I can never experience this moment. If today, some guy starts liking me he can directly send me a friend request. He actually possesses guts to speak to me and convey his feelings. I feel sad that I will never have a love story after marriage and I might have them before that. Even if I have an arranged marriage, I am aware that I will still lack these emotions because as I said earlier that these marriages are nothing but a contract between two broken hearts. Many of us will never ever experience it barring few people.

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