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Digging deeper into the mind

Hello Again, this week I will go deeper with you in the understanding of the elements of the human mind and how it affects our reality. If you have been following my columns, you already have a fair idea of what the mind is. This week let’s dig deeper. Our inner world, our thoughts, our emotions and our beliefs affect the world around us. This is the greatest secret of all times. The experience we have inside of our bodies affects our world in every way. Modern science does acknowledge the existence of such possibilities. The first thing that modern science has started to explore and accept is that the space that we talk about in quantum science. The space in every atom, that we until now thought as just being empty space is not really so. It is full of the living essence of the universe. The second thing is something that is accepted by modern science i.e. We can have experiences inside our bodies that influence the world beyond our bodies through the influence of what’s in this space. I have spoken to a few people around the world who have performed what we may call as miracles. I asked them what is it your were doing that you did inside of your body to make that miracle happen. And what I found common in their answers was that they were creating an experience producing effect inside of their bodies which was never considered possible by science earlier. I believe our science has made great progress. It has enabled us in living a more comfortable life but all that I am saying is that it is incomplete. The key is understanding that there is something we can do with our lives that can influence not only our physical body and those around us, but can literally influence the physical reality of our world and that changes everything. It changes everything that we believe about ourselves. We do not have boardroom meetings that discuss what kind of feelings or emotions employees had during their weekend. All that is discussed is superficial and unimportant to the reality. However whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all having experiences everyday that are physically affecting our bodies and environment. Modern science has now come to accept that the space is anything but empty. Different scientists are calling it by different names like the Quantum Hologram ,some are calling it ‘Natures Mind’, Stephen Hawkings calls it the ‘Mind of God’, some are calling it ‘the field’. The father of quantum physics Marx Planks calls it ‘The Matrix’. He said “Underlying everything that we see, there is an existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

What is important for us to know is this; we have the opportunity to influence that field. It is not a thinking process it is done from the Heart. Thoughts are important but we should make the distinction between thoughts, emotions and feelings. Feelings are felt in our hearts. Our hearts are the strongest electrical and magnetic fields in our bodies, more than the brain. When we change our feelings we are altering our realities. Once you know this secret not only can you heal yourself but also others.

Until next week,

Stay Positive, Stay Abundant

Umesh Pherwani

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