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Disgusting Mentality

Women can wear what they want and it’s their choice says netizens condemning Abu Azmi’s sexist remark made after Bengaluru molestation incident. 

Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi received flak from netizens and renowned personalities for remarks made by him in the aftermath of Bengaluru molestation incident. Azmi blamed women for wearing short dresses which was responsible for rising molestation cases. He appealed to women to follow Indian culture and urged them to refrain from stepping out of the house without male family members. Netizens condemned the statements made by Azmi and said that at a time when women are considered at par with men and are also doing well in professional lives such remarks will only take India a step backward. They added that today women are doing better than men in several sectors and many of them have already broken the glass ceiling to become successful. Azmi is not the lone leader to blame women for the incident. Even Karnataka Home Minister G Parmeshwar issued a controversial statement and said, “Such incidents do happen on New Year day and on Christmas. We take a lot of precautions.”

Actor Farhan Akhtar said, “Women should not dress like westerners because men dressed like westerners are molesters, says the man in the shirt.#oxy(deprived)morons.”

Suhel Seth Managing Partner, Counselage said, “I worry for the women in Abu Azmi’s family. Can you imagine living with a chauvinistic pig?”

Music composer Vishal Dadlani said, “Abu Azmi, another “politician” in a line-up of the extremely stupid, regressive and misogynistic. These are our ‘LEADERS’? I think not!!

Actor Varun Dhawan posted, “Argggh how this angers me. Sir punish the criminals not the victims. Women can wear what they want it’s their choice.”

Sudip Singh said, “Waiting for the day when Abu Azmi justifies child rape by saying itna revealing diaper pehna tha toh ye hoga hi””

Mohan Sinha said, “Idiot Abu Azmi wants girls to stay home, only go out with their brothers, dress ‘decently’. If SP was power we’d be Islamic State of India.”

Sonam Mahajan said, “Abu Azmi, SP MLA blames Bengaluru’s mass molestation incident. Shame on women wearing short dresses. How does Ayesha Takia bear this scumbag?”

Swati Mahiwal said, “Abu Azmi says to avoid rape, women shouldn’t go out alone like in Saudi. Instead of making India Saudi, better Abu goes off 2 Saudi. No loss.”

On the other hand, Abu Azmi defended himself and blamed the media for blowing the issue out of proportion. He said,”Media is just making an issue out of it. All crime against women is condemnable. Our culture should be strictly followed is my firm opinion.”

Earlier, Azmi had said though it was the duty of police to ensure safety of women on the New Year’s eve, women should not forget that ‘security starts at home’, and partying late night is not in the Indian culture.

“I am saying what happened is very unfortunate. Undoubtedly, making security arrangement to thwart any eventuality is police’s job. But, as far as Bengaluru molestation is concerned, women and their guardians must also take precautions and think that security starts at home. Our women must think about their own security themselves,” Azmi said.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that women were molested and groped and lewd remarks were also passed by miscreants late night on December 31 in a posh area of Bengaluru even as it was claimed that 1,500 police personnel had been deployed to control the crowds.

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