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Diwali – festival of lights, not crackers!

The Political crackers have begun to burst much before the Diwali Fire crackers. Instead they should pay attention to how they are going to implement the Courts directive. We understand that it refers pollution to health. Instead of creating awareness about air pollution and corruption of environment they are insisting that fire crackers should be burst in Diwali. But the sensible citizens and students will definitely burst the bubble of misrepresentation that these politicians are creating. People have suffered enough at the cost of pollution and the resultant health issues. Diwali is the festival of lights. This is forgotten by many people. They need to be made aware of this fact so that the perception in many that Diwali means firecrackers will be erased. We are told to plant trees and save the environment. But the people who burst fire crackers are not concerned about the environment. If they stop bursting crackers and start planting tree, the environment will be saved. But the people planting trees are in a minority and those bursting crackers are in a majority. So the cost to environment continues and that is seen in the rapid climatic changes. Black rain and inability to breathe because of air pollution. In spite of witnessing these, the bickering about fire crackers continues. And it signifies that when things are going wrong we always take the bad choice.

Vilas Pundle

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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