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Do you know what Shah Rukh Khan gifted Salman’s sister?

Shahrukh (3)The ‘badshaah’ of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is well known in the industry for keeping his word. The 49-year-old, who was recently seen hugging, kissing and patching up with old pal Salman Khan on Arpita Khan’s ‘sangeet’ ceremony has even gifted her a plush hamper.

According to media reports, SRK, who is close to Sallubhai’s younger sister Arpita has gifted her a special designer handbag hamper. The 25-year-old young bride is very fond of designer bags, reportedly. The king of romance, it seems was well aware of her likings, and rightfully gifted her a plush wedding token.

Arpita’s ‘sangeet’ ceremony saw the two oft pitted Khans coming together after a long hiatus of six years. SRK-Salman’s moment of hug and kiss was the most trending topic on social media platforms. #SRKSalmanReunite was trending on Twitter for long, with fans loving it while some making jokes and memes on it.

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