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‘Donald Trump is a risk that we can’t afford’: John Podesta

Donald Trump is a risk that the US cannot afford as he has “for years proven himself to be a loose cannon”, the rival Clinton Campaign has said as it launched a blistering attack on the outspoken presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

trump-PodestaReferring to Trump’s statements on a series of issues including foreign policy and national security, Clinton Campaign’s chairman John Podesta slammed Trump saying that the 69-year-ol real-estate tycoon is “a risk that we can’t afford.”

In this week alone, Trump has jeopardized relations with a close ally before setting foot overseas, talked about building a relationship with a reckless dictator, and called two diverse American cities more dangerous than war zones like Iraq, Podesta said.

He said Trump has released a list of suggested Supreme Court nominees that includes no people of colour, but does include a judge who upheld a law requiring doctors to use scare tactics to impede reproductive rights and another judge who equated homosexual sex to ‘bestiality,’ ‘pedophilia’ and ‘necrophilia.’

“And it’s only Wednesday,” Podesta said.

“At this point, it’s hard to keep up with the myriad reasons Trump should not be president, but the divisive policies and nominees, reckless and uninformed foreign policy positions and offensive views of Americans are just a few. Any one of these things would be troubling. All of them together, in just a few days, is further proof that Donald Trump is a risk we can’t afford,” Podesta alleged.

“It’s only Wednesday,” Clinton tweeted soon thereafter.

In another statement, the Clinton Campaign said that day after day Republicans are continuing to reject Trump’s “unpredictable, risky and divisive candidacy.”

“Trump has for years proven himself to be a loose cannon whose hateful language and dangerous policies will do serious harm to working families and put America’s security at risk, and Republicans are continuing to acknowledge that a President Trump would be too big a risk,” it said.

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