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Donald Trump ‘trafficking in hate and fear’: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has accused controversial real estate tycoon Donald Trump of “trafficking in hate and fear” and claimed that foreign leaders are calling her to express their support in order to stop the Republican frontrunner from entering the White House.

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“I think all Americans should be concerned. It’s clear that Donald Trump is running a very cynical campaign pitting groups of Americans against one another,” Clinton said ahead of tomorrow’s primaries.

“He is trafficking in hate and fear. He is playing to our worst instincts rather than our angels of our better nature,” Clinton said in response to a question.

Clinton said Trump incites violence in his audience.

“He actually incites violence in the way that he urges his audience on, you know, now talking about punching people, offering to pay legal bills, and then on the specifics, you know, we know that he has been incredibly bigoted toward so many groups, he talks about deporting eleven, twelve million immigrants – we’re a nation built on immigrants, he talks about preventing Muslims from coming into our country – we believe in religious freedom,” she said.

“There’s just so much of what he’s doing that I think we all have to reject. Because it is so at odds with our values. You don’t make America great by tearing down everything that made America great and so let’s stand up and with one voice and reject that,” Clinton said.

In response to another question, Clinton claimed foreign leaders are ready to endorse her to stop Trump.

“I am already receiving messages from leaders. I’m having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump,” she said.

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