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Don’t ban condom ads — promote sex education, not ‘art of seducing’

Do not feel shy and go for condom advertisements as in the past, as the children of the present day generation know in and out of family life and they are already exposed to Internet to know intrinsic value of such sexy issues as well. The television advertisement should have to change the graphical acts that they show in condom ads and they should teach the lesson of sex education in a proper way. These kind of short sighted people only have made India the way it is now. Second in world population we should apply caution in birth control. No wonder why there is so much poverty in the country.

And if you do not educate children about responsible use of much needed contraceptives, not only India, the whole world will suffer. I agree the need is to put things in context without being overly sexual in nature. At the same time this should not be shunned for being “indecent” this should be regulated and educated not banned. This shunning of the so called “indecent” acts has only given rise to the excessive pornography use among teenagers and the sexual violence that comes with it. I think this will be the mistake and a stupid act passed so far and nothing good is happening in our country but sex education is definitely important, if it was so indecent why it is even shown before? The world is changing and our country is wasting time for unwanted things and we are going backward by at least 20 years and it is becoming difficult to bear all this in our own country and the landmark created by God, which is ruled by people.

A unique order from Central Government is passed. The country which aspires foreign culture but regret to accept the change that comes along with it. Global wide sexual education is promoted for safe and healthy life and India, which is one among top HIV hit country, is ashamed to display condom ads. Give wisdom and please do not dump it. Carry on condom ad by fine tuning it according to Indian conditions and way of life.

It is better to make decent advertisement as changing the broadcasting schedule of condoms with same indecency is not going to change children mindset. TV is not only the source of indecent contents. Children may watch TV after 10 pm. So, I&B ministry should take step to filter out indecent and violent broadcasting material on TV as well Internet, which is easy accessible media, to thwart exposure of children to such stuffs.

Government cannot ban the blue whale games which is causing suicides, it is ironic to see the banning the condom ads. There are other media to get to know the condom ads and others. Government should think cleverly rather than creating a sensation.

It is an excellent initiative by the ministry. Please form guidelines that children are not allowed anywhere near Khajuraho temples, and the Kamasutra carvings should be covered with black cloth 24×7. Added to existing ban, there should also be ban on T.V Serials that show violence, criminal thinking and have ratings for channel. As a family we cannot sit and watch movies or serials that have no ratings in Television. This is not the case in foreign countries. Especially serials related to Crime and detection, movies telecasts that have adultery and violence should also be banned. There is a difference between sex education and the “art of seducing”. What is repeatedly shown on the TV is not the former one.

Based on direct observation, India has a huge population problem. It also carries a significant STD burden. Scientists and policy makers have long supported condoms as an effective tool to manage the twin issues of population and STDs. Well thought out, sensitive advertisements manage to promote the use of condoms — in turn directly helping the Government achieve its goals. Blanket ban on all such advertisements during prime time —when its end users are most likely to watch is retrograde. The better would have been to instruct them to make such ads more informative and not of seducing nature all the time.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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