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Don’t go overboard with festive celebrations

People are visiting Ganesh pandals and seeking the blessing of Lord Ganesh. This year, thanks to the Bombay High Court intervention Ganesh Mandals have been following some discipline while erecting the pandal. The High Court had issued directive that pandals should not occupy more than 25 per cent of the road space. Citizens should refrain from bursting too many loud crackers during the festival. People should not go overboard with celebrations during the Ganesh festival. I was pleased to read reports about Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed who accepts only one rupee as salary

and donates rest to Police funds. He had already investigated Zaveri Bazar and Gateway of India blasts. He was commissioned in Delhi Police between 1983 and 1985. On the other hand, there are politicians and officers demanding more money indulging in corruption and failing to discharge their duties.

Delhi is plagued by Dengue and civic cleanliness and primary health care is woefully lacking. The local government and the central government is engaged in a game of one-upmanship. Time has come for Delhi administration should be handed over to the Army for a period of one year to inject discipline and order. The government only talks about cleanliness but could not sustain the Swachh Bharat campaign which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. If the programme has to succeed civic cleaning staff and volunteers should actively participate in it. The attendance of the municipal employees responsible for sanitation, should be ensured on the ground by a senior officer.

We are witnessing too many derailments in the Railways. This is because the government has failed to upgrade the rail infrastructure. Enthusiasm has to be kept sustained at the worker level and not merely at the senior level. The Railway ministers in the past have not ensured on the renewal and upkeep of tracks but they have only announced populist welfare schemes before the arrival of election.

Eid-festival is just round the corner and all of us must celebrate it with goodwill ensuring peace and harmony. I remember the essay “Idgah” written by Munshi Premchand, which we read in Hindi text books during our school days. It is narrated with great simplicity and sensitivity. Even Dussehra and Diwali festival too is approaching. Cost of food items is increasing due to rising inflation. Our nation has been witnessing deficient monsoon this year. Instead of constructing smart cities with Wi-fi connection the government must pay attention to sustainable and self sufficient rural economy to augment milk, vegetable, fruit and production of pulses (arhar, urad, chana daal etc;). Population is increasing day by day and steps must be taken to address this issue. The nation is witnessing severe drought due to deficient monsoon. The government must provide financial assistance to farmers who have been affected due to drought. It must also waive farm loans to revive the agricultural economy.

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