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Don’t waste time in gossiping

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While walking across the road or when you relax in the park after the morning workout and yoga sessions, you can find people chatting for longer period and thereby wasting their valuable time early in the morning. Housewives find partners for talking in a park or public places. While walking we also find both men and women involved in serious discussion and thereby defeating the very purpose of doing an exercise. Yoga gurus and other physical training instructors guide their wards to be rather serious and not talk and concentrate on their mind.

With the advent of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, people tend to install several social media apps and get involved in serious talk over the phone on busy streets or while driving a vehicle.  Using mobile phones while driving will prove fatal. People are glued to their mobile phones even while having food and thereby spoil the real taste of meals. Talking should be restricted to the minimum level to get the work done.

Whatsapp messaging consumes most of our time and people get engrossed in chatting instead of doing their job. People use their phone while crossing the road and become victims of accidents.  Selfie fever is taking the country by storm as people concentrate on covering everyone in the screen as they fall down in a pit or a pool of water and lose their lives. Penalty must be imposed on drivers for using mobile phones while driving. In a recent case, a housewife was busy with her PC and as her daughter fell into the bathing tub and died.

Gossip mongers waste their time and fail to discharge their duties amicably. Talk less and work more should be the motto for working class in this fast paced world and that will in turn help people to achieve their goals in life. But not all gossip is bad and in fact it is useful in maintaining social norms.

While it’s a human tendency to gossip occasionally, some people can go overboard with it. Many employees tend to boast about sizable increments during appraisal season, especially if they are at a junior level. This leads to idle gossip and should be discouraged by peers from the very beginning.

Speaking and listening in a balanced way are imperative in our world. The noise of useless words that many of us are using in an attempt to get a grip on someone else’s attention creates a thick fog that makes it really difficult to actually understand each other. Ironically, the more we talk, the less we are able to communicate.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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