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Dr. Kalam: A Social Scientist

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdul Kalam, Dr. Kalam, Kalam, ISRO, father of isro, President, Abdul KalamThe remarkable contributions made by Iconic Dr APJ Abdul Kalam turn him a living legend for the entire country. Dr. Kalam has contributed significantly to social causes in India. From the very first day when Dr. Kalam became the 11th President of India on 25th July in 2002, he spearheaded a socio-economic development scheme of igniting the young minds with positive thoughts and of propagating the “Developed India by 2020”.

Dr. Kalam was a rare blend of brilliance, determination, foresight and humility. He believed that all people are equal and enjoy the same degree of humanity. Equality between people should be regardless their race, colours, creed and cultures. Dr. Kalam views that a society can make progress only when it gives equal opportunity to women in all walks of life. He was a supporter for women empowerment. According to him, women are equal partners in national development. He says: When women are empowered, a society with stability is assured. Women constitute the half of society. Women are the backbone to the development of a society.

Dr. Kalam was an educator par excellence and for whom sovereign boundaries did not matter when it comes to child’s education. He presented a humanist view of his personal, technological and social domains as mirror of the soul. He was of the opinion that Science is all about asking questions and finding the right answers through hard work and research into laws of nature. Science tries to provide solutions for a better material life, while spiritualism looks at answers on how to lead a righteous life. According to him, Science and spirituality seek the same divine blessings for doing well for the people.

Dr. Kalam had vision for a developed India which included doubling the present agricultural production with attendant food processing, capabilities, focusing an environmental protection and climate change mitigation, ensuring literacy, social security, and overall health and reducing the levels of poverty by encouraging the purchase of swadeshi goods.

PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) is the major component of President’s dream for a developed India. PURA habitat design depends upon the development of infrastructures in every corner of rural India. PURA aims to provide knowledge connectivity through education, vocational training, and entrepreneurial training for farmers, craftsmen, etc. It also aims to improve healthcare and sanitation facilities in these village clusters.

Dr. Kalam was a visionary man. He saw a dream of India becoming a developed country by the year of 2020. He is a man of vision, who was always full of ideas aimed at the development of the country and is often also referred to as the Missile Man of India. People loved and respected Dr. Kalam so much during his tenure as President that he was popularly called the people’s President.

The visionary leadership style of Dr. Kalam implications for the guidance of new age leaders engaged in developmental tasks globally. He is a supporter of open source software over proprietary solutions and believes that its use on a large scale will bring the benefits of information technology to more people.

Dr. Kalam’s life, works and vision are truly a lesson for all of us. He is no more but his teaching and message should continue to inspire and influence our heart. He will be remembered as one of India’s greatest scientist, greatest educator, inspirer and visionary.

By Dr. Meraj Ahmad Meraj

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