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Driver trying to shield Salman Khan

Ashok Singh, Salman Khan’s driver is trying to be ‘Being human’ to his master by confessing and taking the actors crime on his head by giving statement in courts that he was behind the wheels in the now famous Hit-and-run case involving Salman Khan. Singh said he was driving the vehicle accompanied by Salman and were some distance on Hill Road when the front left tyre burst. The vehicle veered towards the left. He tried turning the steering but it had become hard. Singh tried applying brakes but the vehicle had by then climbed the stairs of the laundry and stopped.

Salman then asked him to call the police. Singh dialled 100 and informed them about the accident. He then went to Bandra Police Station, where he was informed that the police had already left towards the spot where the accident had occurred. Singh also said that he tried to move the car along with Salman to rescue people beneath the vehicle but they could not move the vehicle.

He also claimed that he waited at the police station till 4:30 am the next morning, but the police refused to register his statement. Money and celebrity status of the actor is clearly at play as a poor driver confesses to a crime which probably he has not committed.

In the wee hours of September 28, 2002, Salman’s white Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into the American Express Bakery in suburban Bandra, close to his sea-front home in Galaxy Apartments, before fleeing from the accident site.

One pavement dweller sleeping outside the bakery was killed and four others were injured, leading to Salman’s arrest by the Bandra Police later that morning.

The court’s in our country too are to be blamed as an simple case of rash driving (drunken) involving death has been dragged for over 12 years. Police statements and ‘panchnama’ (brief of crime at the time of incident) are ignored which are serious drawbacks of our judicial system. Cases involving celebrities are purposely kept ‘alive’ due to media attention and bribery. The unfortunate victim died unsung and penniless and his family continues to struggle to make both ends meet.

Salman Khan the ‘Ambassador’ for ‘Being human’ should confess to his crime and give monetary benefits to the victims’ family so that they can atleast lead an decent life. The actor should be let off after penalizing in monetary terms as he is a changed individual today and undertakes plenty of charity activities. Moreover, he too has suffered mentally over the years as the case has been dragged unnecessarily for many years now!

Satyanarayan Kabra

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