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Driverless car completes 3,500-mile US cross-country trip in 9 days

The driverless car developed by Michigan-based auto supplier Delphi Automotive has made history by covering the 3,500-mile (5,600-kilometre) journey across the US in nine days.

The trip spanned across the southern US with the car successfully travelling from San Francisco, California to New York City.

Adhering to the motor norms, a person was sitting behind the wheel at all times to overcome any untoward situation that the car can’t handle. The car mainly stuckk to highways.

Media reports quoted Delphi stating that “99 percent of the trip was done with the car in automated mode”.

Delphi showed off the car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January where, during a demonstration, the car braked by itself – just like it was supposed to – when two inebriated men fell into the street in front of it.

Delphi says the vehicle is capable of making complex decisions, like stopping and then proceeding at a four-way stop, timing a merge onto the highway or manoeuvering around a bicyclist or a trash can. When it wants the driver to resume control, it uses a verbal warning and flashes lights on the dashboard.

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