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Due to communal tension People are leaving UP?

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There has been a mass exodus of people from Uttar Pradesh to other states’ metropolitan cities as they are fed up with the communal tension pertaining in the state before the Assembly Election due next year. They are believing on the proverbs like ‘Jaan hai toh jahan hai’ and worried about their security. Law and order situation had deteriorated in the state, which are making them to leave the places. Political parties are making every effort to create communal disharmony in the largest populated state to gain political mileage. Therefore, people are relocating to metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. However, irrespective of religion, people are running from their home state for some ‘peace of mind’.

Many of them are staying with their relatives and friends in these cities. Some of them have migrated to cities like Vapi and Valsad in Gujarat. They are searching for jobs like electricians, plumbers and watchmen, in which they are skilled, whereas, some are working as carpenters, rickshaw and taxi drivers. Some others have set up paan stalls and vada pav outlets while some migrants are working in the construction sector.

“Right now, we are worried about the deteriorating law and order situation in UP hence we are migrating to other states. Often politicians try to divide people on the basis of caste and religion which have an adverse impact on our lives,” said Ravi Dubey, an Aligarh resident.

“Since, we are feeling insecure in our native place we are relocating to metropolitan cities. There is no other option for us as we have to earn our livelihood. Plenty of job opportunities are available for people in the unorganised sector in cities like Mumbai and Pune,” said Manish Mishra, a construction worker.

“Since the assembly election will be held in UP next year, there is a possibility of rise in communal riots in the state. We are worried about our family’s security and have to support them. If there is a change of government after the election then we may return to our native place. We have applied for jobs in malls, retail outlets which employs large number of workforce,” Rakesh Pandey.

“I am worried about the security of my daughter who is being troubled by unemployed youth in our areas. The government only indulges in communal politics and is not bothered about improving governance,” said Saeed Siddique, a businessman.

“Mumbai is known as dream city, and here everybody get jobs. We left our business and come to Mumbai in search of job. Roz roz ke tension se tang aa gaye hai hum log,” said Suresh Pasi, who worked as a carpenter.

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