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Duped Deserted Dolls

For a past couple of decades now, the utmost prerequisite for quite many girls in India while searching for a groom has been the ‘NRI’ Tag! But as it goes, not everything that glitters is gold. With the recent plight prevalent especially in the state of Punjab where newly-wed girls are becoming prey to fraudulent bridegrooms, who after getting married down here in homeland flees back to foreign countries, while leaving brides behind, never to return back.

According to the NRI Council, at present, Punjab is home to more than 20,000 such brides who unfortunately in despair are waiting for their NRI husbands, unwillingly desperately. The agony doesn’t end here. Astonishingly, some of these brides even have their kids been grown-up over the years and have started attending schools; whilst having no clue about their spouses’ whereabouts. Though the Punjab Government has set-up altogether a separate NRI panel, to tackle this problem, yet there has not been any satisfactory solution to bring this menace to a complete end. Nevertheless, police has put efforts in annulling passports of such grooms, but despite this, the problem hasn’t yet been come to an end at a whole.

Allegedly, the NRI Council has received more than around 14,000 cases in writing, while in reality the score has got to be above 20,000, considering the ones which go unreported for whatsoever reasons. The concerned official in Punjab is of the opinion over the matter that, stern steps ought to be laid out in order to prevent girls becoming prey to such NRI fraudsters. This mayhem hasn’t just remained limited to the state of Punjab. Almost whole of India including major hotspots like Hyderabad and Mumbai have been plagued.

Sinful contract marriages by the Saudi savages have never been hidden in the society; how greybeard gaffers buy their N-th number of wife way younger to them just in exchange of handful of dollars as dowry to her poverty stricken parents, an ill-practice much prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. This ill-fate crime has gone to such an extent that now it seems to have become a tradition in itself namely, ‘Prostitute Brides’, where as young as 11 years old virgins are being sold to men four times older their age, from oil-rich Arab countries for as petty amount as a handful of dollars to the victim’s poor parents as dowry. The situation has worsened boosting the child prostitution market, where marriage brokers (more clearly, pimps) find child brides for aging men and negotiation happens among the buyer and the subject’s guardians.

A few years back, the situation wasn’t this worse though, when at least the brides used get to go along with their ‘NRI’ husbands to the alien land. Once landed, the actual torture used to begin, where she used to be lied to, tortured to hell, beaten to death, molested and sometimes even raped by her very own man.

Marriage isn’t a matter of loud ceremonies; it isn’t just even union of two souls, it is a union of two families. So choose well and live happily ever after!

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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