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Dust storm devastation

If human race joins hands with sincerity and dedication with the Mother Nature, hopefully not only destructive and dark forces may be eradicated, but also this planet will become beautiful and Paradise. So let us not irritate the Mother Nature, rather obey it and its laws. Anyhow, the loss of human lives and property due to very high wind velocity and thunderstorms, as evident in news is disgraced to all of us. A very dreadful situation was there and many lost their lives in this. Totally destructible it was. Cyclonic circulation was the cause of this but obviously that led to much damage.

Nature is not kind enough for north Indian states of UP, Rajasthan, MP, Haryana and other states were also hit too in the devastating dust storm. The beginning of the summer months used to witness dust storm and high intensity and this time round the dust gone with wind and caused heavy loss to human life and property. A dust storm, accompanied by rain, left a deadly trail across Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan killing more than 100 people, uprooting trees and flattening houses.

The storm left its footprint in the national capital too. The major reason for the dust storm was the severe heat in north Rajasthan and neighbouring districts of UP coupled with moisture build-up from Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, led to thunderstorms. In areas where moisture levels were low, hot air caused severe dust storms. Pre-monsoon season is prone to dust storms and thunderstorms. Convergence of favourable factors made their intensity stronger. It is indeed a bad experience from the fury of nature. Too much pollution, burgeoning number of cars, vehicles, concrete structures, dumping of plastics and the nature is trying to correcting itself.

The wind speed in Delhi was restricted to less than 70 kmph. Had it been on the higher side as mentioned above, the damages would have been much more. The main cause of casualties is because of uprooting of the loose structures like lamp posts, hoardings, trees, etc. which eventually falls on properties and lives. Delhi is an important city and we assume it is equipped with all the modern features which triggers the warning much before any such Force Majeure is likely to occur.

We are leaders in launching satellites. Its applications should benefit us. The warning system should be more robust and should reach out to every citizen through SMS or likewise media. Prevention is better than cure. Deforestation, atmospheric pollution etc have triggered a variety of subsequent results, which have no remedy at all. The impending scale of increased population can’t spare the forests. Damages created to hills, cliffs, mountains, etc. have accelerated our vulnerability (towards) to natural fury (delete to), however progressed are we with respect to theories, inventions, etc. we have not designed any solution for our cultural degradation and look children going astray, spiritual men behaving like criminals so let us try to mend everything from grass root level.

NDM Authorities equip themselves to predict such disaster at least few hours earlier that would help people to save their life if not physical properties. Details about how it occurred too is not seems certain to NDMA. The entire nation is at the support of NDMA and unless they ensure timely warning the risk of disasters continue.

Jayanthy Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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