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Empowerment of Rural Women – Part II

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Rural Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Rural women, women ,rural areas, women educationIndia started with 36 such centres where women can get all the help in one place, and it has now increased them to more than 300 centres. In order to help women in rural areas deal with domestic violence, various centres have also set where women can get police action, psychosocial help, medical care and legal assistance.

For rural women, new initiatives are particularly urgent in matters of agricultural production, cottage and small-scale industry, credit, marketing, energy, technology, potable water supply, sanitation, primary health care, education and training.

Additionally, rural women have to face difficulties in engaging in income-generating activities because of their general lack of modern education and training and their hard and time-consuming responsibilities in the above- mentioned tasks of food processing (e.g. pounding and other processing of grain). And the fetching of fuel and water, often requiring many hours of work a day.

In respect of agricultural production, women’s work must be treated as the important part of the farm family’s work that it is an extension and other services should be designed to meet women’s as well as men’s needs.

The majority of rural women in developing countries are also in great, sometimes desperate, need of improved water supply and sanitation facilities. Gandhiji’s vision is that women must play an equal and important role in national development. However, the movement for raising the socio-economic status of women had involved generally the middle-class educated women in major urban centres while the great mass of rural women are yet to enjoy the rights and privileges as enshrined in the Constitution. Women exploitation is a serious problem and the question is that why an exploited woman lives in society, cannot have any right to get justice even after introducing various laws in favour of Indian women. In our day to day life, we have seen and heard various news regarding gang rape, minor rape, kidnapping and then murder of girls. There are so many several issues of women exploitation in India. In India, when a woman is sexually harassed or exploited by someone and wants to get justice in favour of her then she is pressurised by her parents and society to not go for the help of police.

Without the active participation in rural development of women, no strategy is going to succeed within the foreseeable future. A key challenge today is how to strengthen women’s capacities to identify technological needs, and to create and adapt technologies in light of social needs and resource constraints.

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