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Entire Indian media is compromised

Journalist Subramani Balakrishnan says that media has lost its credibility as paid news has gained prominence.

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy will launch NDTV frauds a book written by Sree Iyer which exposes media for favouring politicians and bureaucrats in Mumbai. Of late, there have been allegations against media for being biased and publishing paid news thereby raising the question about its credibility. It also became the tool of false propaganda, blackmailing and illegal money-making, all with the blessings of coarse politicians and corporate icons with hidden agendas. Journalist Subramani Balakrishnan who also is a member of Deshbhakit Andolan wants the government to take action against NDTV channel.

When AV spoke to Subramani Balakrishnan a member of Deshbhakti Andolan and journalist he said, “This is a non-electoral platform in which like-minded patriotic people join who work for the nation’s development. We have organised book launch function as we are here to support all those people who are exposing corruption.”

When asked about the reason behind choosing a leader like Subramanian Swamy for book launch, he replied, “Subramanian Swamy is a dynamic leader who had taken up many crucial issues like J. Jayalalithaa’s disproportionate assets case, 2 G scam and National Herald. He has raised a topic on which nobody was willing to touch. Not only NDTV but the entire Indian media is compromised. So this is just the beginning that this channel has been exposed.”

After releasing the book in Delhi Dr. Subramanian Swamy said that there would be 100s of people from journalists representing all media houses at the functions attended by him. He said, “However, I can’t see any one from media houses, as this book is about their frauds. They might be thinking after NDTV Frauds, some other book will come on their frauds too. That might be the reason that all media houses were united in absconding from the function.”

Noted academician Madhu Kishwar narrated during the book launch function in Delhi how NDTV hunted her by filing a defamation case for exposing their frauds in 2013. She said, “After coming to power, the BJP Government led by Narendra Modi is not enthusiastic in taking actions against the “open and shut cases” of illegalities committed by the TV Channel. All must unite for finishing this corrupt channel, which often peddles anti-India propagandas.”

Journalist Vikram Chandra tweeted, “It is shameful that a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha behaves with such callous disregard for the truth.”

“Subramanian Swamy usually does his homework. I won’t be surprised if the facts mentioned by him are true. NDTV was in deep trouble for years and it is a mystery how they came out of it,” said Suresh Nakhua, BJP social media volunteer.

On the other hand, NDTV clarified about the allegations made against it and said, “It is a blatant lie by Swamy to say that there was any “money laundering” by NDTV – the very idea is ridiculous. Astro invested $40 million for 49% in NDTV’s lifestyle business in 2010. This was bona fide FDI made after getting FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) and MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) permissions of the sort that is actively encouraged by the current government. Astro still holds the shares. It was disclosed to all authorities and to the stock exchanges. There is no question of any “money laundering”. Nor has the Enforcement Directorate ever made such an allegation to NDTV.”

“The Enforcement Directorate has NOT slapped any fine of Rs. 2030 crores on NDTV. This is completely false. The 2G court ruled in favour of NDTV, dismissed all the accusations and slapped a fine on the dishonest litigant who made these false accusations against the channel in court. In short, just about every paragraph in Dr Swamy’s letter is wrong, and can be proved wrong.”

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