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Equitable distribution of wealth

Dalai Lama has spoken very candidly about the equitable distribution of wealth. He also said that the Chinese are hard working people. Both are true. We should strive to work hard to create wealth and ensure that it is judiciously distributed among the people in as equitable manner as possible. Indians are also hard working but will not be able to match the standards set by Chinese. Our population too is large and we also indulge in bad habits.

It has been reported that Air India flight had to be diverted due to choking of vacuum toilets. I have personal experience of working on these toilets in Car Carriers and lot of care is to be taken to ensure that no undesirable items are thrown inside. Even the tooth picks are thrown carelessly which will result in the malfunctioning of the system. This system requires very good maintenance and perhaps Air India was not able to do justice towards it due to lack of training or time constraints. It is very important to entrust such systems to willing workers because it’s various sensors and relays etc; need to be checked thoroughly.

The Airlines can educate the passengers by providing them a suitable pamphlet together with the boarding card and after boarding the flight a slide can be shown together with the safety briefing. Discreet suggestions may be made periodically by cabin crew in a non-offending manner by gentle nudging and precautionary announcements. If we compare our Indian crew and Ukrainian crew, we find that the latter are better workers by virtue of their good basic training.

Wealth cannot be created unless we have sufficient supply of electric power. Whichever government comes or goes this program must continue by declaring it as a national effort. We must aim to make our program of electric power generation, transmission, distribution, collection of dues, preventing thefts etc; excellent by conducting a third party audit through a foreign expert and report must be submitted directly to the minister. We are way behind other countries pertaining to this issue and we must pull up our socks. Narendra Modi has taken a good initiative by calling the ministers to office at 9 am which will compel the Principal of our LBS College and TS Chanakya to follow suite.

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