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Exclusion of Muslim faces from Republic Day advt unjustified

So finally, RSS and BJP leaders are showing their real face. The words “Secular and Socialist” are missing from the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) ministry’s advertisement regarding 66th Republic Day featuring the Indian constitution’s preamble which was changed in 1976 through the 42nd Amendment for two useful purposes. BJP defend itself by saying that these words were not a part of the original constitution drafted by Babasaheb Ambedkar’s and the Amendment was done in the second year of Indira Gandhi’s infamous internal emergency. Thus the preamble was modified purely for political purposes and now it has little meaning because these words reflect Congress’s undemocratic past.

In a reply Minister of State for I&B, Rajyavardhan Rathore, said the “photo of the original preamble was a way of honouring the founding fathers of the constitution”. Congress leader Manish Tiwari said “stilfling and trampling” with the constitution is an “unforgivable sacrilege”. He said, “The Constitution of India, as it stands today, is very clear that India would be a ‘Sovereign Democratic Secular and Socialist Republic’. Mr. Rathore said, it means before 1976 we were not secular? This statement shows the real hidden agenda of BJP. Why no Muslim face has been included in the advertisement? Are PM and his entire cabinet supporting “Gharwapsi”? If not then why he has failed to take any action against it? This is not the case of only missing words from constitution but it is pertaining to the identity of Muslims who are the second largest religious community in India.

Why the Muslim face is not a part of government advertisement on national festival? India is secular or Hindu Country? Of course it is secular, but this time both secular and Muslim is missing from the Republic Day advertisement released by the Modi Government. What they want to prove by this act? What kind of message is the government giving to its allied wings like VHP, RSS, SS, BD etc.? By omitting the word ‘Socialist’ this government is only indicating that “achche din” is not for the common man. This government is industrialist and billionaire friendly and it is sidelining the Muslims.
In my opinion, the saffron party is indulging in this act with a proper planning to hoot such issue to deviate people’s attention from core issues. BJP’s allied wings are attempting to divide the people and polarize the votes of common man in favour of the party. However, this government is not Socialist so when will the common man be able to see the so called “achche din”? Exclusion of the words Secular and Socialist and Muslim Face in the government advertisement is a crime and case should be registered against the I&B Ministry and the government. They are playing with the integrity of the nation which is not a good sign for developing India.

Naiyar Imam

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