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Expectations from the new government

The results of the Lok Sabha election will be announced on 16th May. The Congress thinks that their job is only to pass legislations but they are least bothered about its monitoring. They pass the buck of implementation of the policies on state governments. However, it has been observed that most of the time the people are unable to derive any benefits out of the scheme. “Hamne paisa bheja unhone kharch nahi kiya”. “Humne to kanoon lagu kiya aur hamara kaam khatam. It is poor governance. Good governance means that you must be able to see the results on the ground.

In our federal system, it is necessary that the states co-operate with the centre. Unfortunately, this is not happening and hence we are not able to achieve much progress at a faster pace. Persuasion is one of the methods to achieve the desired results. However, it does not work often because some of the state governments get very stubborn for narrow political gains.

People say, if Modi comes to power, he will promote dictatorship. A dictator is required when state governments simply do not comply to implement a welfare scheme passed by the centre. What happens when you try to control an unruly mob? You issue a shoot-at-sight order don’t you? The recalcitrant government should then be dismissed and hence the public must give a clear mandate while casting their votes.

The new government will need to enforce discipline which is a pre-requisite for any sustained developmental activity. Presently, anyone can talk all negativity on television channels which are easily accessible. We have to start working as lot of work needs to be done. Providing drinking water, electric power and constructing good roads are the bare minimum agenda. Containers should come out of the port efficiently and goods should be delivered to the doorstep in a speedy and secure manner. Neighbouring nations have already accomplished this task.

A limited conscription is very necessary to instill discipline and responsibility. No person should be made eligible to apply for IAS examination unless they have performed two years of national service. “Kaam karoge to paisa milega, mufat main nahin”, this message must be sent across to all. The bureaucracy must be strictly informed that they are being watched and they will suffer if they fail to perform. A benevolent dictatorship is beneficial in the current scenario.

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