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Failure of the system Part- I

I completed my work in a hurry and looked at my watch as I was getting late. After lifting the heavy bag on my shoulder, I walked quickly towards the bus stand lest I miss the express bus. I had to reach my destination before night. On reaching the bus station I noticed that the bus was yet to arrive. I sighed a relief and looked around. The bus stand was crowded with passengers who were waiting for their buses. Luckily, my bus arrived after few minutes and it was parked at the platform. No sooner, I walked towards the door of the bus a queue of five to six persons was formed as commuters were waiting for passengers to alight from the vehicle. I also stood next to them.

Meanwhile, a group of young men arrived and threw their bags on the seats through windows and reserved seats for themselves. Few of them tampered in between the passengers who were alighting from the bus and reserved some more seats for their friends. Passengers standing in the queue shouted at them to form queues and follow the system. They never paid attention and went ahead! By the time we entered inside the bus no seats remained vacant! All of us complained to the conductor about this matter. He turned a deaf ear towards our demand!

I swiftly inquired with the co-passengers and learnt that no bus service was immediately available if I failed to board the bus which was scheduled to depart. Thus the only option left for me was to commute in the same bus. A fury ran through my nerves. I felt as if I was let down by the system. Nobody respected those passengers who were following the rules by standing in queue. On the contrary they mocked at us for our inability to grab the seats! I had to control my anger in silence!

It was not the difficulty to stand for three hours in bus which worried me but I was more bothered about the collapse of the system. Why are we not capable of getting things done as per rules? Why do we allow people to break the rules and enjoy unfair advantages? Why in democracy, might is allowed to be honoured? No answer except the ‘public mindset’ which accepts misrule as the procedure of the day. It has become a very casual aspect for us. In the present situation the personal agenda is to break the rule but be intelligent and get the things done! Because everyone is aware that nothing goes according to the rule!

(The remaining part of this article will continue tomorrow)

Akshara Damle

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