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False claim over vitamin C to cure COVID-19

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Can vitamin C have the ability to kill the COVID-19 infection? This is the theory which is getting viral since the dissemination of infection started, but the answer is false. There is no such evidence which could claim that vitamin C can contain the virus. However, Vitamin C is still good option to boost the immune system in the body to prevent the virus but still no proof that it can heal a patient fully.

Body produces “oxidative stress,” when fighting against an infection, a process were inflammation in cell tissue can experience. Vitamin C not only helps to fight body against oxidative stress but also helps in detoxification process and helps to mount an immune system by cleaning up the cellular mess. “So the role of vitamin C here is a bit like cleaning up the football ground after the game,” Prof Clare Collins, University of Newcastle wrote in The Conversation.

Given the fact that vitamin C has never been considered as a cure against the common cold, which is also caused by a coronavirus, experts believe that vitamin C cannot be useful to cure such malicious (Corona) infection.

However, though vitamin C is good for immune system but too much intake can be harmful. Dr Frank Esper cited by the New York Times said, over consumption of vitamin C can be damaging to the kidneys and other GI tract. Dr Mark J Mulligan said that there is no proof of supplements like Echinacea, zinc and green tea are beneficial to contain the Coronavirus.

A false flu shot also being circulated on social media, claiming to be the cure of coronavirus. A flu shot helps to boost the immunity, but not have evidence to be the cure on the Corona infection.

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