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Father, family, fraternity, and friends all need to be probed in Sushant Singh’s death case

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Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has accused his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, also an actor, of driving him to suicide after cheating him, taking money from him, and abandoning him. After he filed an FIR in Bihar’s Patna yesterday, a police team has traveled to Mumbai. The Mumbai Police, which started an investigation days after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death on June 14, has already questioned over 40 people, including Rhea Chakraborty, his co-stars, filmmakers, and also doctors. FIR by Sushant Singh Rajput’s family, surprised many people because his father and family knew what he was going through all this while, they were also aware of the fact that he had a mental illness. Still, neither his father nor his family tried to address this in the given time. Just because he committed suicide, and some things went missing from his home, father came forward and filed a complaint.

His father states in FIR that before 2019 his son had no mental health issues, but after coming into contact with Rhea, Sushant developed these issues. Well, this also means, since 2019 almost a year the father was aware that the son is going through depression and stress, maybe whatever is the reason, isn’t it the vast time to protect his son or seek help to guard his son’s interest? Why did he wait for so long? If a girlfriend can make his life stressful and family is aware of it, why they did not approach their son and took him in confidence? Isn’t it the family’s responsibility too? Compassion is critical in helping someone to recover from any illness. Whether it is encouraging them to do something that might help them cope with their illness, like seeking out appropriate treatment, or offering to do something they are struggling with – even if just being by the side of a person. They could have encouraged him gently to talk about his feelings and reassure that his situation is going to get better and let them know they are there to support him no matter what. Till now, I was under the impression that the family is not aware of the fact that he had mental illness issues. After reading the FIR, I am feeling even worst because it’s the family that waited so long until he finished himself?

Well, was the family not consulted, or their written or verbal consent was taken for his treatment? But a grown-up adult was very much alive, and in your contact, his one of the sister resides in Mumbai. She frequently visited him, why this objection did not raise at the right time, why now? How will this recover the damage done to a life? The next point they stated in FIR is that even they believe the doctors who treated Sushant on Rhea’s recommendation are a part of the conspiracy. One long year what has prevented the family from meeting that doctor or having an exchange of words? How many times the father or his sister called or met that doctor to check who he was, inquire about his recommendation? Well, Rhea Chakraborty might have malice in her motive, but why the family became mute spectators? What has forced them to keep quiet when their son needed them the most?

Sushant’s father states in FIR, “Rhea knew my son had mental health issues she did not stand by him, she took away all the papers and left my son alone which pushed him to suicide”. For a moment, let me believe what all mentioned in the FIR, is true. Even you as father and his sisters, you all knew he was having depression and mental health issues, what did you do for your son? What made you depend on Rhea? Many people in his house from domestic help to cooks and friends surrounded Sushant, you never felt keeping in touch and be vigilant about your son’s life? How can you do justice to him? More I read the FIR added the agony, what kind of family is this, now they all are shedding tears, but no one bothered to stand by Sushant in his crucial days of mental struggle?

He further states in FIR, “My son’s bank account transaction history shows he had Rs 17 crore in one account, of which Rs 15 crore are transferred to an account that had nothing to do with him, should be investigated. Is this the reason that prompted the father to register FIR? One thing is prominent; Sushant never took his family too in confidence when he was dealing with his money or life. If there had been a strong bond, today’s situation would have been different.

His father requested an investigation into why Sushant Singh Rajput stopped getting films after his association with Rhea. In FIR he mentions Sushant is suffering from mental health issues since 2019, but he overlooked Dil Bechara. He did movies, but the depression, tantrums, and adversities might have allowed him to go after opportunities.

Well! Sushant wanted to get into organic farming in Coorg with his friend Mahesh. Father alleges that Rhea protested this and threatened to release his treatment papers to the media and destroy his career. That means he silently agrees, that the patient of mental illness gets no work in the industry? As far as the protest is concerned, Sushant should have equally resisted. Why did he fear or if the family knew that this girl is threatening him, why they did not interfere? Which means family had no control over the son. Suppose Rhea left Sushant by taking away his treatment papers, laptop, credit cards, jewellery, and cash. Rhea should go through the investigation, and as we say everything is fair in love and war, that time even Sushant might have allowed her to do so in the hope that she will return to him one day.

What Sushant Singh Rajput’s father accuses Rhea Chakraborty is very shattering; this whole episode needs throw investigations including family members should be probed for their silence all this while. How come they let anything happen to their son? We as a society, they as family and fraternity, we all had done wrong by not addressing or voicing the issues when he was alive. What he needed was an assurance to live fearless; he needed support, love compassion, and above all his family by his side. Everyone has a share of blame on his head for Sushant’s death.

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