Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Female foeticide a shame on our country

Female foeticide is still prevalent in our country and the incident of a Sangli resident who was forced to undergo abortion when she had conceived a girl child comes as a shock. She cremated her daughter in front of her in-laws home to highlight this gross criminalization and the world should take a note of this evil plight in our country. Laws in our country exist only on paper and high time they are strictly followed. Doctors who conduct ‘sex test’ and do zbortion of female foeticide should be put behind bars.

Also, family members who force female foeticide should not only be put behind bars but tried for murder in the courts. The woman who gave us birth was a female and one should not forget this fact. Women not only deserves all the respect and recognition but all out efforts needs to be made to not only save the girl child in the womb but also when she steps her foot on the earth. Education is the need of the hour and government should not only educate the masses but also come out with the programme where the birth of a girl child is celebrated and those practicing female foeticide are given capital punishment to discourage such evil practice!

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