Films are corrupting Indian youth

Globalisation is transforming the lives of people and India is poised to become a developed nation in the future. The country has achieved significant progress in industrial sector, education field and Bollywood. However, the development has come with its own share of drawbacks too as children and teenagers have become more self-centred.

With advancement of technology the content of films too has undergone a drastic change. Earlier directors used to make clean movies which are suitable for family viewing but nowadays they are blindly emulating Hollywood movies which contain violence and explicit content. Vulgarity is depicted in Bollywood which is having an adverse affect on the lives of children. Also now abuses are so common in almost all the films that even a kid of 10 years is able to speak such abusive language knowingly or unknowingly.

Earlier family members used to watch movies in films which had good script. However, nowadays vulgarity is shown in Bollywood films which can’t be viewed with the entire family. Since competition has increased hence film makers are adding more vulgar scenes in the movies to attract the audience and keep them glued to their seats. In an attempt to make lumpsum profits film makers are adding violence, vulgar scenes in the movies. Even local cable operators too air obscene movies at night which is mostly watched by youngsters. Earlier they used to broadcast old Bollywood movies which can be viewed by the family members. However, cable operators are airing adult movies at night to attract the youngsters.

Filmmakers think that if Hollywood films can air obscenity then why should Bollywood remain behind. According to them, the old formula of showing roses during romantic scenes won’t work in modern world and hence they need to show reality.

While working on the field I learnt about a shocking incident of a eight year old boy who raped a four year old minor girl. A question which arises here is why a minor boy committed such type of crime?
After conducting an investigation, I learnt that the boy had watched a bollywood movie which contained a rape scene. He then blindly committed the crime after watching the movie. It raises a question about the credibility of Bollywood films. Children who watch adult films tend to get influenced by it.

Harassment and rapes have increased because of the free and western culture shown in films today. Time has come to review the adult content depicted in the movies as it is spoiling youth. Filmmakers must make clean movies which can be enjoyed by the entire family.