Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Five star feast

Election fever is very high and the ministers and leaders are high on spirits. BJP is working hard to retain power in 2019 and the UP state is having the highest number of Parliamentary seats. The leaders are working overtime from now on and the ministers are not having time to even go through their breakfast. They skip lunch as well. However, when they get some time they are ready to have the taste five-star feast and that too sitting in Dalit’s home. Cheap level of politics touched its nadir as the ministers visit the homes of Dalits as a showman but still want a big meal rather than tasting the home cooked food from the Dalit family. In the process, they are very clever to take their meals in front of the poor Dalits and that too taste the food from a five-star hotel. Trust the BJP leader in UP to bungle on the Dalit outreach programme, at a time the leadership is keen to draw them into the mainstream. It is time that the ministers and leaders should take care and see that the photo operation should not go wrong and expose the show.

Abhishek Ramaswamy

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