Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Forced Capitalization

Most of the people are happy with the recent demonetization step undertaken by the government as it is likely to bring down inflation. Many people died, suffered hardships in their daily lives and several days have passed away. If citizens are facing difficulties they should blindly support the government and remain realistic. People deposited their hard earned money in bank accounts or else it would have been considered as black money later.

Almost all of us have spent lumpsum money buying things which we actually did not need or could have postponed our purchasing decision as it was not necessary. We too complain about rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer day by day. We also discuss about many economical patterns we have to go through right from paying bribes for getting a well-deserved job. Often talented candidates are unable to secure employment.

Living a luxurious lifestyle is actually a god’s blessing which can be counted as a god’s gift for us. Ten to fifteen years back people were not worried about how the interiors and exteriors of their houses looked but they managed to maintain it very well. Nowadays they spend a lot of money, time and resources avail loans from very powerful goons which most of them may be unable to repay. Recently people have started competing with each other to live a better lifestyle. Even people are adopting unethical methods to become rich quickly.

Often we can read reports about patrons throwing thousands of rupees on bar dancers. They collect it for constructing their houses through unaccounted money. So many people are facing isolation and deprived of basic amenities as they migrate to cities. Migrants are willing to do any job for fulfilling their dreams.

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams and people migrate to the metropolis for achieving their goals. However they get trapped into to the vicious cycle of toiling hard to earn money and spend it. For instance, people hailing from poor and middle class families work as sales representatives in malls and showrooms owned by super rich. Rich keep buying commodities from these stores. Even the middle class people emulate them by shelling out their hard earned money. Today people are more worried about maintaining their lifestyle despite earning meagre salary. Murders and robberies are occurring as people want to get rich by hook and crook. These incidents are happening as we are being told to achieve our goal of becoming rich as it is our right.

Gayatri Pawar

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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