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Foreign collaboration necessary for development

Chinese are good at constructing roads, building sea ports and we should seek technical assistance by collaborating with them. They will not offer you any specialist training; they tend to use cheaper and substandard materials. So we need to oversee this while working with them. We will receive good training from the Japanese but it won’t come cheap. Therefore, we need to exercise discretion here.

It is good to know that Tamil Nadu nuclear power plant has reached 1000 MW capacity and is functioning well. Russians are more generous and they train you and have better collaboration with you. However, avoid picking up bad habit of drinking too much vodka with them. Play football and drink cerveja (beer). If you play football, you cannot become a rapist but there is lack of playgrounds in Mumbai for playing the game.

Shobha De has written a good letter to Jaya Bachchan but a person to person interaction would have been much better. UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Samajwadi Party leader Ramgopal Yadav will not take the responsibility for the deteriorating law and order situation in the state. Shobha can shame them by seeking a meeting with them (they will readily agree). She is a very perceptive and an intelligent person. I will suggest to her to talk to a political party of her liking and join politics.

Population is increasing rapidly and youth are watching too much pornography which induces them to commit crimes. Even though I had mentioned in my articles about the need to control population no concrete steps have been taken by the government. The biggest task is to effectively channelise the energy of the unemployed and unemployable youth. The day may not be far when AAP will galvanise them again and re-assemble at Jantar Mantar. Arvind Kejriwal will say, “Modi beiman hai usne bijli nahin sasti ki, mujhe phir jitao”. Modi must engage five foreign experts in technology and regularly seek their guidance. He should also ask them to have an interaction with Indian industrialists and secretaries. He asks secretaries to perform their work but they don’t know what to do. Poor fellows have been mugging their books for clearing their UPSC examinations. Candidates shall be permitted six attempts for clearing the examinations instead of the earlier four. Only three attempts must be permitted.

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