Freeway accidents


Bikers are not allowed to pass through freeway but they skip caution and pass through this corridor. We can call it a close shave or the cruelty of our freeway roads.  Freeway in the city is the most dangerous road. The number of road accidents in this pocket is alarming and the drivers just escape death in some cases otherwise fatalities are more in the killer road. So, the freeway is going to hell as the vehicles hit the wall and swirl round to make matter worse. This is not the first case. Time and again, such mishaps are taking place and many of them are not reported. If the four wheelers suffer testing times, two wheeler motorcycles are not allowed but still youngsters venture out to speed up and try to reach the destination early only to meet with an accident.  Driving through night in freeway is dangerous and the day time drive is also equally dangerous. For four wheelers’ dangerous curves create chaos and there are no checks posts by the traffic police. In all, it is a total chaos and the numbers of accidents are increasing all the way.

 Anandambal Subbu

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)