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From Christmas 2018, US Christianity should work also for Lord Jesus Christ

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Christianity has no meaning if it does not spread the message of compassion of Lord Jesus Christ all across the world. The US Christianity should remove its mind from other matters and from this Christmas should devote itself on spreading this message of Lord Jesus Christ, globally. From this Christmas, the US Christianity should start working for bringing relief to suffering mankind in Asia, Africa, Central America etc. The US Christianity can easily start this mission from India. The US Christianity in the first stage should not think of converting non-Christian-suffering-mankind to Christianity. The US Christianity should jointly launch non-profit PPI for health-care by mainly taking Asian-Indian-Americans, as members.

The overwhelming majority of the population in the USA is Christian and as per survey reports, the Christian denominations in the United States are usually divided into three large groups namely Evangelical Protestantism, Mainline Protestantism, and the Catholic Church. There are also Christian denominations in the USA that do not fall within either of these group, such as Eastern Orthodoxy and Orient Orthodoxy but they are much smaller. Unfortunately, the US Christianity is busy in other activities and does not devote itself in the mission of spreading the main message of Lord Jesus Christ of compassion all across the world. Therefore, from the Christmas 2018, the US Christianity should start working, as given below, for bringing relief to suffering mankind including and especially, as widely reported, in Asia, Africa, Central America etc.

No other prophet from any other religion has sacrificed and suffered so much as Lord Jesus Christ in the path of God for bringing relief to the suffering of mankind and abundant life to all. Therefore, when Christian West (led by the USA) has become so powerful economically and militarily, it is expected that Christianity will work for removing the suffering of the harassed mankind. But the way Christianity is apathetic towards sufferings of the mankind (which Christianity can easily remove), then it gives a logically valid impression that Christianity is betraying the Lord Jesus Christ.

It should be a matter of concern for the Christianity in the USA (economically and militarily the supreme power of the world) that The suffering thousands of people are coming to the USA from Central America through Mexico in Caravan (all Christian majority countries) but the US Christianity is watching this sordid event apathetically. The majority of people in Asia and Africa are suffering because their religions (Islam and Hinduism) are not bothered about their sufferings. But the US Christianity does nothing to convert these people to Christianity by making lame excuses (despite the fundamental right to freedom of religion as enshrined in the human rights-related laws of UN) that governments of these countries in Asia and Africa oppose religious conversion even by complicit violence.

The US Christianity should first realise that the people in Asia, Africa, and Central Americas etc., who are suffering, is due to a simple reason that they are incompetent to manage their political affairs and the establishment (people in power) in these countries oppose conversion to human rights friendly Christianity (even by violence) despite fundamental right to freedom of religion as enshrined in the human rights-related laws of the UN.

The solution to the said problems of the people in these suffering countries are three — By launching ‘Participatory Philanthropic Institutions’ (PPIs) for health-care and education by taking contributions from the people and giving them a place in the management of these PPIs (which will boost the moral and knowledge of these people). These PPIs will be on no-profit no loss basis where capital will be from charity and revenue from fees. By launching of ‘International Political Parties’ (IPPs) which will (with the support of progressive and human-rights-friendly local people) become a powerful force (also politically) on the ground to resist anti-human rights and powerful corrupt local people (who otherwise will resist PPIs too). By mobilising human rights friendly world community especially governments of Christian majority countries to constrain UN to replace Optional Protocol OP-1 of ICCPR with Mandatory Protocol MP – 1 so that UN can intervene (even militarily on the complaint of citizens of the member Countries) if related erring member country violates their human rights brazenly.

The dereliction of the US Christianity about spreading the real message (of compassion) of Lord Jesus Christ is due to the reason that it has given up the philanthropic activities (of health-care and education) all over the world. Earlier Christianity was known for these philanthropic activities but US Christianity too gave it up because it could not develop a working model for these philanthropic activities commensurate with changing time, the democracy.

The people should give-up existing model of health-care which is not up to the mark (for to be effective, the healing of sick persons should be not only by medicines etc but also by praying to Lord Jesus Christ that is why health-care should not be by State but through PPI by US Christianity). The members of these PPIs shall have voting rights commensurate with the number of their donations for the purpose of electing management body (leaving ownership/title with US Christianity) of these PPIs.

The US Christianity can start this missionary activity of PPI first of health-care from constitutionally secular-democratic India. Despite hollow boast of Indian government about its good GDP growth etc., the overwhelming majority of 1.32 billion Indian population lives in villages where tens of thousands of farmers are committing suicide every year due to economic distress. Moreover, the majority of Hindu population in Hindu majority India is comprised of oppressed (‘Dalits’) castes, various backward castes and tribes who are looked down upon socially hence mainly they are the people around poverty line in India. The bad economic condition of the majority of the 200 million Muslim (including illegal immigrants) population of India is reported in various Commission reports (these Indian Muslims, once get succour through US Christianity sponsored PPI, will take US Christianity in Muslim majority countries of Asia and Africa). On the basis of experience gained from these health-care PPIs, the education (especially and initially up to 11th standard) can also be brought under the direct control of the people by US Christianity through educational PPIs.

It is hoped that the US Christianity (jointly the Evangelical Protestantism, Mainline Protestantism, Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, Orient Orthodoxy etc) from this Christmas 2018 will start spreading the message (of compassion) of Lord Jesus Christ all over the world starting from India (through health-care non-profit Participatory Philanthropic Institution to be launched from USA), as mentioned above, in the interest of bringing relief to suffering mankind.

– Hem Raj Jain

(The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of AFTERNOON VOICE and AFTERNOON VOICE does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

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