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Thursday, October 5, 2023
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“Gajanan Kirtikar had his own agenda to leave the party” : Shiv Sena

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Gajanan Kirtikar,Shiv Sena,Eknath Shinde, Maharashtra
Gajanan Kirtikar,Shiv Sena | Image : Twitter/@mieknathshinde

Leader of the shiv sena party Gajanan Kirtikar working with Thackeray led shiv sena for many years joins Shinde faction but Uddhav Thackeray shivsena sainiks said that there is no issues with the sena party and kirtikar had his personal agenda to join other faction and not only that he also wanted power and position in the party. He always had plans to join Shinde government from the time it was formed.

Member of the Parliament kirtikar recently joined Shinde faction after which shivsainiks also claimed that switch was done gain media attention.

When spoke to Uddhav Thackeray shiv sena members they claimed “Due to age and time Kitikar has made the decision to walk out of the party”.

MLC, Sunil Shinde told Afternoon Voice that “ The time is changing and new leaders from the sena party are been given opportunity in terms of position and Kirtikar had his opinion and personal agenda to leave the party”.

MP Vinayak Raut said “Kirtikar had plans to leave the party and He was given various opportunities to grow in the party and we remember he was working somewhere as a clerk and now he got a huge position in the party but still he left the party”.

“He got various opportunities at different positions in the party and it seems due to his age he switched to other political party” said MLC Vilas Potnis , Thackeray sena.

“Ministers who left Thackeray faction are gone and some are even trying to comeback but apart from that Kirtikar left the party due to his personal issues”said Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, former Mayor.

While speaking to the reporters kirtikar said “He was assured for some different position in the party but it not did not happen”.

While other members of Thackeray faction believe that Kirtikar might have switched to other party due to his age and time.

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