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Friday, December 1, 2023
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Gandhis give damn to the notice

Rahul Gandhi questioned many times over his citizenship

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Rahul Gandhi Nationality, Rahul Gandhi, akshay kumar, khiladi kumar, gandhi nationality, rahul, gandhi nationality, MHA, CAA, NRC, Nationality, CitizenshipAfter the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in both the houses of Parliament recently, many people had trolled Akshay Kumar, the Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood over his citizenship. Many people trolled the actor over his citizenship as he has a Canadian citizenship.  On the trolls, the actor had recently announced, at an event, that he has decided to give up his Canadian citizenship and apply for an Indian passport.

He also said that he is an Indian and it hurts him when he is been asked to prove his citizenship time and again. He also said that his wife and son are Indians and pay tax in India.

As we all know that Akshay who has always supported the BJP and welcomed its view with open arms, the party in order to support the actor from the trolls on social media and to malign the image of the Gandhi family, had sent notice to Rahul Gandhi about his citizenship. Many a times, the leader has been questioned and they are still asking Rahul Gandhi about his citizenship while they know that Rahul Gandhi was born in India and has the citizenship of the country.

These two political parties (BJP and Congress) always have been among the headlines due to their remarks on each other. Whether it’s about latest political topic Citizenship Amendment bill or Abrogation of Article 370, GST, Demonetisation and any other.   On Friday Home Minister Amit Shah said BJP will not move even an inch away on Citizenship Amendment Act, no matter how many parties join hands against it.

He also taunted Rahul Gandhi on the issue of and challenged him of a debate on the issue. “Rahul Baba kanoon padha hai toh kahin par bhi charcha karne ke liye aajao. Nahi padha hai toh main Italian mein bhi iska anuvaad karke apko bhej deta hun, usko padh lijiye” (Translation: Rahul Baba, if you have read the laws then come anywhere to debate over it. If you haven’t read it, then I will get it translated in Italian and he can read that) Shah stated.

It is reported by a news agency that the Union minister Giriraj Singh, on December 28, said that if Rahul Gandhi had a love for infiltrators, he could take them to Italy. Singh had said this as he feels that the Congress and Rahul Gandhi are dividing the country by propagating lies and confusing citizens on the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Earlier, the Union Home ministry had issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi over his citizenship after receiving a complaint from Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy. The MHA asked Rahul Gandhi to clarify his factual position within 15 days. In his submission, Swamy had claimed that a Company named Backops Limited was registered in the United Kingdom in 2003 with Gandhi as one of its directors.

In his defence, the 50-year-old politician termed as a typing error on the company site and showed various other documents from the same company and declared himself an Indian.

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