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Gays should maintain self-respect and decency

Gays and their annoying tendency of displaying gayness in public places is morally and ethically wrong. Their behaviour could create major chaos and aggression among people.

It’s not a big deal to be gay or a homosexual but to maintain dignity even after that is laudable. The problem basically exists with young gay lads who forget about their origin. They tend to get excited after becoming aware about their sexuality and eventually start searching for groups or friends possessing same traits
Around 90 per cent of them is quite easy to differentiate mostly because of their body language and sissyness.

Their dressing style is no more the same like some random guy neither their language is same nor vocabulary. They communicate in code language. Unfortunately some gays behave and emulate the acts of transgender. According to their community gays are considered to be the fine and highly sophisticated version of transgender (Hizra).

It has been observed that nowadays gays are considered to be a group of perverts troubling men inside trains or public places. Street side vendors who are literally harassed have to bear the brunt of these people.

According to a vendor, “Whenever these people enter our shops customers become very irritated and some of them even leave the shop. They stand for hours teasing us and clap when we refuse to budge also they use abusive language. Sometimes they just take away articles from our shop and throw money on our counters and it becomes difficult to stop them. Not only this but some of them offer us sexual satisfaction so that we negotiate with them. If we have any hizra dropping down they just ask for money. If we refuse they don’t create ruckus and they simply mumble and leave.”

When society has accepted homosexuals it’s their duty to respect other fellow members. We all have self-respect no matter what category we belong to.

Acting perverts can’t be tolerated for a longer period as it may result into physical injuries or aggression at a later stage.

This doesn’t mean that every gay does the same thing but many of them indulge in malpractices and harass people. Also many of them spoil the ambience through their filthy and vulgar acts.

When there is huge difference between hijra and gays they are expected to maintain dignity and decency at the same time. No matter which community you belong to, India is already suffering through caste issues and we do not want to aggravate it where people end up taking lives and hurting each other.

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