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German cops find six-month-old corpse watching TV

Cops who broke into an apartment in central Germany were in for a shock when they found a partially decomposed woman’s corpse sitting in front of a TV – six months after she had died.

The 66-year-old woman was sitting on the sofa in pyjamas, with the TV listings for the first week of last September still lying open.

Police found the body when they broke down the door of the first floor apartment in Oberursel near Frankfurt last week, the Frankfurter Neue Presse reported.

The building’s management had asked the police to break in when the woman’s overflowing letterbox had attracted a resident’s attention.

According to ‘The Local’, a thorough search of the home gave no evidence of an unnatural death and police said they had ruled out any foul play.

It appears the deceased woman had no children, close relatives or friends that she saw regularly so nobody had noticed her absence.

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