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Germanwings co-pilot often dreamt of plane crash, says his girlfriend

With each passing day, more details emerge about Germanwings Airbus A320 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, shedding light on various aspects of his personal and professional life which may be pieced together to help understand what caused him to take such an extreme action of crashing the plane carrying 150 passengers into the French Alps.

In the latest detail, it has emerged that the co-pilot’s girlfriend of seven years is pregnant with his child, reports said.

The co-pilot is said to have been in a long-term relationship with a secondary school teacher, who told her students at the school near Dusseldorf, that she was going to be a mum, reported the German newspaper Bild.

What is of more importance is that the couple had found about the pregnancy just two weeks before the crash, the Daily Mail reported citing the German newspaper Bild.

Earlier it was revealed that, the co-pilot’s girlfriend of seven years, whom he also planned to marry, had dumped him just a day before the crash because of extremely controlling behavior, as he used to direct her on what to wear, who to talk etc. the newspaper reported.

“He tried to order her what to wear, what men she could speak to, even the length of her skirts. He was a control freak of the highest order,” the Daily Mail quoted one of the friends as saying.

The co-pilot’s girlfriend also visited the crash site last week but it was only after she came to France that she learned that Andreas Lubitz was responsible for the crash that killed all 150 aboard.

The two had met as teenagers while working on their holiday jobs at a Burger King restaurant in his home town of Montabaur, said local reports.

However, the co-pilot was reportedly cheating on her and was said to have a 5-month fling with a Lubitz another girlfriend, identified as Maria W, told German newspaper Bild that he used to get nightmares of plane crash and had many times woken up in the middle of the night screaming “We’re crashing!”

Earlier other details tumbled out of Lubitz’s life, including the ones about his depression and anxiety attacks, also an eyesight problem that made him fear that he will lose his job.

The prosecutors have said that he was going through an illness and receiving proper medication for the same, suggested medical documents found at his home.

The prosecutors said that anti-depressants (a mountain of pills) was found at his house in Germany, which he had reportedly refused to take.

During searches at his addresses in Germany, police also found “torn sick notes” – one of them declared him unfit for work on the day of the crash.

According to a Daily Mail report, the police also found his personal diary in which he had expressed his fears of being “found out” (about his illness) and lose his job over health issues.

However, apparently the co-pilot managed to hide his illness and sick notes that were found shredded and on Tuesday was at the controls of the plane alone when he deliberately crashed it into the French Alps.

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